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Wisconsin's Holistic Health ExpoFormally known as the Milwaukee Holistic Health Expo, Wisconsin’s Holistic Health Expo, LLC. (WIHHE) unites the community of natural health practitioners with those who desire to live a more natural, vibrant, and healthy lifestyle. We bring together integration of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well being by partnering with holistic professionals.

WIHHE will produce a book in coordination with each expo. The book is a collaborative effort of 21 co-authors writing about their personal specialty. Each chapter contains a unique personal journey while educating on holistic health practices. Thus, each WIHHE event will be a book-launch. Each co-author will be signing their chapter and presenting information on their topic of choice. Attendees will come to “Meet the Author,” get an autograph, hear them speak, and learn about numerous holistic approaches.

We truly care about your experiences with us and are always open to your comments, suggestions, and criticism. The only way to improve and bring the most value to everyone involved is to continue learning through experimentation. We promise to constantly try new things. Receiving your feedback plays a vital role. This works best when you reach out and share your comments, suggestions, and criticisms so we can consistently evolve and improve. Start a dialog any time!

This is our first year of mass advertising and marketing. We want everyone in Wisconsin to know who our partners are—sponsors, exhibitors, co-authors, volunteers—and how to get in contact with them. We are a community, and we are in this together: your business’ visibility and exposure are top priority for us!

Aside from the collaborative book, we are launching a podcast with the intention to interview everyone involved. Those interviewed are exhibitors, sponsors, co-authors, and volunteers. Since we are the first expo to ever produce a book and podcast for its community, we’re very excited about this new venture!

Previous expos have drawn in over 750 attendees with 75 exhibitors. Attendance is expected to more than double due to increased promotions and partnerships from over 150 exhibitors and sponsors. Register to be an Attendee Now!

Once we get rolling and the snowball effect kicks in, the idea will spread like a wildfire. Grab your water kefir and kale chips and let’s go. We’re sincerely excited over all the partnerships blossoming through our upcoming expo event along with the supportive community of holistically intentioned individuals.

Our expos consist of many educational classes, workshops, and presentations to empower you to live a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about WIHHE now.

Through collaborative books, podcasts, articles, blog posts, and semi-annual expos, we organically awake integration within your mind, body, and spirit.

Thousands of attendees are able to connect with hundreds of holistic practitioners and businesses in Southeast Wisconsin twice a year. You’ll be one won’t you?

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